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 The future of Airi Kirishima / Larval Stage Planning

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I've Sound Arranger
I've Sound Arranger

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PostSubject: The future of Airi Kirishima / Larval Stage Planning   Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:07 pm

I wanted to open this discussion, since less and less material comes from Airi.

I got four points that makes me think that Airi/LSP relationship with I've is about to end (at least, as a singer) and would like to share with you, and see other opinions as well. From what I consider less relevant to the most relevant:

01 - She has 09 years of I've Sound. This isn't so relevant, because I think it simply means nothing (at least, not as an isolated fact) lol. However, around this amount of time, the I've girls were leaving the group, like SHIHO, MOMO, KOTOKO and Eiko Shimamiya.

02 - The focus on her DJ work. Her twitter mostly is about her work as "DJ AIRI KIRISHIMA" than as singer. At least, interestingly, she doesn't use another account to promote her non-I've work (which could be part of the larval proccess and, indirectly, could be related to her future in I've), like Yuzuno does to promote her singing at the band "Nadeshiko Doll".

03 - According to her profile on I've Official Website, she not only learned singing at Eiko's school, but also how to make lyrics and composition, so she could make her own original songs. So, with her DJ work (like, maybe learning to arrange) and knowledge about composition, maybe she is going to be a new I've Sound Creator? By the time, four I've Sound Creators could be too much, but who knows if C.G mix is about to leave the group too? Then, there would be a place for her.

04 - The concept of the larval stage plan, which was an idea of Kazuya Takase. According to I've Sound Explorer, LSP entered its second larval stage in 2014, with the graduation of Nami and Rin. It's not clear to me what is this "second stage", but I wonder about the third stage. Does she grows/evolves on I've, somewhat like NAMI did, or she flies away? XD

What you think?

Still we stand here... 「ALIVE
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I've Sound Partner
I've Sound Partner

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PostSubject: Re: The future of Airi Kirishima / Larval Stage Planning   Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:42 pm

Considering she barely sings anything I've related anymore, that wouldn't be a surprise anymore to be honest. Let's face it, I've is in the doldrums now with most of their singers gone, and this would be another nail in their coffin, as sad it is to accept.

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The future of Airi Kirishima / Larval Stage Planning
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